Event Spaces

At Nicoli's, we provide space, catering and technology for a wide range of events.

Need a large conference room? We can make sure you have plenty of space and snacks, and we offer the required equipment to video conference with the New York office during your meeting.

Does your extended family have several kids' birthdays coming up? We happily host parties for dozens of youngsters who enjoy cosmic bowling, arcade games, delicious food and friendly staff.

Our 24,000 square foot building can accommodate groups small and large, with custom tailored event packages for up to 600 people across our flexible-space room designs. Event planning, food and drink catering, state-of-the-art technology packages, private bowling lanes and games...all under one roof!

Contact us to reserve a space or get specific answers about available dates, rooms, capacity and more.

Technical Specs for Party Rooms


Customers can directly connect their computers to any of the televisions in our private rooms for PowerPoint presentations, surfing the web, company videos, etc. The customer’s computer must have 1 of 2 connections: 1) An HDMI connection is preferred and is available everywhere. 2) A VGA connection is available but limited. There are other limitations so please confirm your application with the sales department. No matter what connection you are using it is required to provide your equipment 2 days early to ensure compatibility with our system.


When possible, use the HDMI cable to connect your computer to the television. The HDMI connection transfers the highest-quality video and audio for the best possible experience. If your computer does not have an HDMI connection, you are responsible for providing a converter (“dongle”) appropriate for your specific machine.


When an HDMI connection is not possible, use the VGA cable to connect your computer to the television. The VGA cable transfers visual data only, so if needed, a separate cable must be used for audio. If your computer does not have a VGA connection, you are responsible for providing a converter (“dongle”) appropriate for your specific machine.


Customers may bring a Blu-Ray/DVD /thumb drive and use our Blu-Ray/DVD/thumb drive player to show movies or pictures on any of our 36 screens. The Blu-Ray player can play .mp4 and .mpg media types. For pictures, we will need a thumb drive with .jpg/jpeg file types. It is important that you bring your files in 2 days early to ensure compatibility with our system.


Nicoli’s has two video cameras available with 100’ cables that can reach most areas of the facility. Live video footage from either camera may be projected onto any or all of our 36 screens. Combined with our state-of-the-art audio system, the live video capability is great for announcements, auctions and other presentations.


Nicoli’s has both Direct TV and Comcast networks, and they can be displayed on any of our 37 screens. We carry all NFL, NBA, and College Sports Networks. We also carry over 45 genre-specific music channels.


Nicoli’s Grill & Sports Bar has a custom-built, state-of-the-art sound system. Customers may supply their own music to be played in any of our private rooms or throughout the entire facility. Customer-supplied music should be provided on a thumb drive in MP3 format. It is important that customers bring their media files in 2 days early to ensure compatibility with our system.


Customers may speak over Nicoli’s state-of-the-art the PA system using our house wireless hand-held microphone, walking freely throughout any area inside of the facility. If using the upstairs Skybox meeting room, we have a Skybox hand-held or lapel microphone that may be used independently or in tandem. Nicoli’s also has a portable PA system available if the house system capabilities do not meet your specific needs.


For customers looking to bring the next level of energy and excitement to your event, Nicoli’s has a state-of-the-art cosmic bowling system, complete with lasers, LED lights, and fog machines. Bring your own MC, or Nicoli’s can provide a high-impact DJ to keep the music going.


Nicoli’s has three rolling flip chart stands, portable screens, and a portable conference phone (Hall of Fame room only) available for customer use

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