Bocce Ball | Nicoli's Grill & Sports Bar | Lake Oswego OR

Bocce Ball

The object of bocce is to get as many bocce closer to the pallino than your opponent’s closest bocce. The game combines elements of bowling, horseshoes and shuffleboard. Here are some of the basics:


  • A Bocce set consists of 5 balls
  • The Pallino is slightly smaller than a tennis ball
  • Bocce are slightly larger than a softball (singular: bocci)

Playing the Game

How to Score

  • Only one team is awarded points in a frame for each bocce closer to the pallino than the opponent’s closest bocce.
  • A team can score up to four points per frame
  • If the closest bocce of each team is equal in distance from the pallino, no points are awarded
  • The team that scores in a frame starts the next frame by throwing out the pallino and playing its first bocce
  • The first team to score 16 points wins*

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